nutrigrain™ brings to you the first fresh wheat germ in Indonesia. Our wheat germ contains zero preservatives and artificials, and is always delivered fresh to ensure that all nutrients are preserved.

Each nutrigrain™ wheat germ is carefully extracted from imported wheat grains in our factory. Despite its tiny size, it is full of essential vitamins and minerals which is vital for a healthy body functioning.


Wheat germ is the embryo of the wheat plant, the part which has the potential to grow into a new plant. The word ‘germ’ comes from the word ‘germinate’ which means ‘to begin to grow and develop’.

Wheat germ only makes up 2.5% of a single wheat kernel. While it is only a fraction in size, it is actually the most concentrated, nutrient-dense part of the wheat.

It is considered as a superfood and those who have tried it enjoy the health benefits. The high concentration of Vitamin E, dietary fibre, Protein and B Vitamins, amongst others, have been proven to be positive for the body.

It is highly recommended to get essential nutrients from the food that we eat. Natural foods contain a multitude of different vitamins and minerals that may not be fulfilled by supplements, and your body absorbs better when it comes from a dietary source.


While we do consume wheat products on a daily basis (e.g. bread, noodles, cakes, fried foods), they are mainly products of refined flour. Unfortunately, during the process of refining wheat into refined flour, wheat germ is removed from the composition. The reason for this is because wheat germ contains natural oils - the healthy oils found in wheat germ makes it more susceptible to spoilage, and by removing it from the mix, refined flour can have a longer shelf life. Essentially, we are compromising between convenience and nutrition.

We believe in improving quality of life through healthy ingredients and nutrition - and we believe it’s for everybody. So, nutrigrain™ takes convenience out of your worries and gives you just the nutritional benefits you need.


Whether you are just starting to adopt a healthy lifestyle or a motivated athlete, nutrigrain™ wheat germ can help you maximize your health.

For young children, adding nutrigrain™ wheat germ is one of the most effortless ways to add a nutrition boost to their diets. The nutrients found in wheat germ promotes children’s physical and mental development. With a high fibre content, it also helps for a healthy digestive system. It is so easy to sneak it into their meal or snacks - for ideas, explore our recipes page.

For older adults, nutrigrain™ wheat germ is a vitalizing natural supplement. Many elders have a decreased appetite, which means less nutrients are absorbed into their body. 2 tablespoons of nutrigrain™ wheat germ daily can help make sure of a more wholesome diet for your parents, grandparents and loved ones.