In the years leading to our establishment, the society has shifted to a more health conscious mindset. We are sure you can relate: many products in the market claim to be healthy, but lots require major changes in lifestyle, overpriced or just plain fad.


We are different.

nutrigrain™ has an ideal of improving quality of life through healthy ingredients and nutrition. We believe that nature has provided us with the lifeforce of nature through its harvest, and by eating it as fresh as possible, we are truly restoring and nurturing our body. We are proud to say that nutrigrain™ wheat germ is the first fresh wheat germ in Indonesia. No artificals, no preservatives, just wheat germ in its purest form.


We partnered up with Cerestar Flour Mills to bring you the best in wheat. The company has grown rapidly over the past 12 years, becoming one of Indonesia’s leading flour mills. The factory is at the forefront of the industry – built to meet international standard and adopting an automated process under controlled environment to ensure optimal efficiency and strict hygiene. With their expertise and knowledge, we are confident of our sourcing and processes to bringing you quality wheat germ, so you can be assured and enjoy the good things in life.